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Trauma Healing Work

From darkness into Light

You are not weak

you are not supposed to suffer.

You are not alone.

Trauma therapy and support

is available to you.

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Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy

Somatic therapy focuses on the "Felt Sense" in the body to process out stuck trauma in a titrated and resourced way. 

Our nervous system can get stuck on on or stuck on off and at times cycles between the two causing great stress and minimal comfort. It undermines resilience. Somatic Therapy helps restore resilience and process out the stuck.

Functional Mental Health &

Diagnostic testing to find the underlying root cause of your condition. Receive individualized programs to support your healing and move you back into balance and optimal wellness.


There is a reason you feel depressed, anxious, fatigued. Let's address the root cause.

Spiritual Growth and Development

Feeling a bit lost, confused? Have you had an experience others don't understand? Not sure how to get connected or overcome negative and anxious feelings?

There is support for you here.

Connect with me and tell me your story?

Meet Pam

pam artic.JPG

Somatic Therapist
& Wellness Practitioner
Compassionate Soul
Proud Aunt, Fly Fisher, Photographer, Traveler, Foodie

Are you overwhelmed by stress, burn out, anxiety?

Are you feeling depressed, unmotivated and weighted down? 

Are you are confused about your relationship or career?

Is your health declining no matter what you do?

Unsure what to do now?   

Let me help you

When we are not functioning optimally,

we are unable to participate fully in life as we might like to. 

(But, I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you this, I think you probably get it)


Mental Health, Physical Health and Spiritual Health are interrelated 

An imbalance can have an negative impact on well being.

There is a Root Cause to why you feel as you do.

Let's find it!

Stress, physical illness, spiritual crisis, addiction are uniquely expressed.

You are unique and should be treated with an individualized approach.

Why me?

As a Support, I will bring compassion and heart to our interactions and support you in your journey to feeling better. We will look for the root cause and make a plan to effect change. Step by step, I will help you move through this season and past this challenge.

I can also tell you about my extensive and never ending training and education or detail my over 20 years of experience. (see more below and in my About Me section).


I firmly believe that the most important part of the healing process comes from the the Therapeutic Relationship. Finding someone with knowledge and skills is the easy part. Finding someone you feel comfortable with, that can be more of a challenge. So get a feel for me. I believe I hold a compassionate, supportive space for my clients. We will only know how we fit if we meet. So let's connect to have a short chat. I offer a Free15 minute consultation so you can get a feel for me and my style.


A little more about me :)
I have spent the last 20 years in the healing field with an emphasis on Trauma Resolution, Addiction, Chronic Illness and Resilience. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and additional training which includes Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine), Somatic Therapy, EMDR, Functional Medicine Diagnostics (Dan Kalish, Functional Medicine University), Nutrition, Genetics, MTHFR/COMT, Mold Illness and toxicity, Neurofeedback, Spirituality, Reiki, Energy work and Breathwork.

Want to know more about me and how I work? click here.

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