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Lower Anxiety, Reduce Pain, Increase Energy Have More Joy


Are you unable to participate fully in life as you might like to?

Is anxiety getting in the way of your career and life?

Is fatigue robbing you of the activities you love?

  • Excessive Fatigue is a symptom that something is not working properly

  • Anxiety is not a normal state

  • An imbalance in any one of your body systems can have an negative impact on Health and Mental Health


You are unique and should be treated with an individualized approach

We will work together to find the ROOT CAUSE of what is impacting your quality of life 

You will utilize proven systems to help you overcome, heal, thrive and live fully

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Ready to Start Your Healing Journey?

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After 20 years in the Health and Mental Health field, I seem to grow more passionate about the healing process every day.  


Finding the root cause for my clients  is my biggest passion. When we find this and address it my clients feel better. They have less depression and anxiety and enjoy more energy, happiness, fulfillment.

I developed a unique process as a result of my own struggles with health and mental health. Growing frustrations with failed treatment drove me to begin to look for a different way.  I studied and trained in many therapy and health modalities with experts to find out the "why" of my symptoms.  I discovered that there was indeed a root cause of my conditions. Through this training I learned how to find and then address the needs of the root cause which provided a way up and out.  I use this very process to help my clients too.

I incorporate somatic work, therapy, lifestyle, testing and nutrition into comprehensive programs to help my clients overcome fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety.

I will bring compassion and heart to our interactions as I support you on your journey to feeling better. Step by step, I will help you move through this season and past this challenge.


Counseling is a great way to work through and past obstacles, develop skills and feel better in your life.

Mental Health



Life Purpose

Somatic therapy focuses on the "Felt Sense" in the body to process out stuck trauma in a titrated and resourced way. 

Our nervous system can get stuck on on or stuck on off and at times cycles between the two causing great stress and minimal comfort. It undermines resilience. Somatic Therapy helps restore resilience and process out the stuck.

Health Improvement

Let's find the underlying root cause of your condition.

Receive individualized programs to support your healing, enjoy more energy, better moods, better health.


There is a reason

you feel depressed, anxious, fatigued.

Let's address the

root cause.

Autoimmune Rescue Plan

Experiencing fatigue or exhaustion?

Is your mind not working as sharply as it once did?


Feeling like other benefit from treatment but you are not?

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy

A bit more about me

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Somatic Therapist
Nervous System Whisperer
Health & Wellness Practitione

Mental Health
Autoimmune Disease

Proud Aunt, Fly Fisher, Photographer, Traveler, Foodie

Hi and welcome!

I am passionate about the healing process. As a support, I will bring compassion and heart to our interactions and support you in your journey to feeling better. We will look for the root cause and make a plan to effect change. Step by step, I will help you move through this season and past this challenge.

I firmly believe that the most important part of the healing process comes from the the Therapeutic Relationship. Finding someone with knowledge and skills is the easy part. Finding someone you feel comfortable with, can be more of a challenge.  I strive to hold a compassionate, supportive space for my clients. We will only know how we fit if we meet. So let's connect!

For the past 20 years I have studied Mental Health and Wellness and the Mind Body Connection with an emphasis on Trauma Resolution, Addiction, Chronic Illness and Resilience.  I have learned that there is a root cause for every problem. My extensive training is driven by a desire to be as helpful as possible and assist my clients to heal. I take into consideration the whole person and strive to find the root cause of the issue and address it. I. I utilize Counseling, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, Breathwork, Functional Health Diagnostics, Nutrition and Lifestyle to support the healing process. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and additional training including Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine), Somatic Therapy, EMDR, Functional Medicine Diagnostics (Dan Kalish, Functional Medicine University), Nutrition, Genetics, MTHFR/COMT, Mold Illness and toxicity, Neurofeedback, Spirituality, Reiki, Energy work and Breathwork.


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