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Achieve, Up-level and Maintain
Vibrant Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Increase Resilience and Longevity

Leverage The Best In 

Epigenetics, Mind-Body Medicine, and Technology 

Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm DO NOT Have to be a Life Long Problem
Low Energy, Memory Decline, Aging are NO LONGER Inevitable
Your Genes are NOT Your Destiny

There is a reason and a root cause to everything, so lets find it

We Leverage Functional Mind Body Medicine, Epigenetics and Technology to:

Discover what's really going on in All of your systems

Chart a Course to make improvements to what we find

Optimize all of your systems

Up-level your Functionality, Resilience and Longevity

Set up a Maintain & Sustain plan so you can Excel in all areas of your life and health

Is anxiety or a lack of confidence undermining your job performance and career growth?

Do you wonder why you don't feel comfortable with or connected to the the people in your life?

Do you get anxious and dysregulated interacting in your relationships?

Think you might have Nervous System Dysregulation?

Does fear or worry cause you to limit how you live your life? 

Are you concerned that you lack the energy you once had?

Are you worried about longterm health and aging?

If so, we can help

Our Services



Your Genes are NOT your destiny. Aging is NOT inevitable.

Through the most advanced Mind Body Medicine and Biohacking tools and technology, we help our clients

  • Increase Vitality and Longevity

  • Improve Work Productivity and Athletic Performance 

  • Become even more high achieving 

So they are able to work, play and love better and longer. 



Burn Out, Exhaustion,  Job Fatigue, Performance Problems, Imposter Syndrome, Lack of Satisfying, Connected Relationships

We help high achieving women and men

  • Avoid and recover from burn out

  • Increase confidence

  • Maximize performance  

  • Up-level vitality

  • Increase and improve ability to have supportive connected relationships 

So they can have

the best life and career possible.



Trauma Recovery Roadmap™

Nervous System Rescue™

Autoimmune Rescue Plan™

Mind Body Syndrome Program™

Resilient Relationship Program™

Break Up With The Bottle™

You Can Do This, We Can Help

Designed from nearly two decades of research, over $150,000 in education and training and plenty of trail and error. Pam Dobbie  (our founder) has experienced many challenges with health and mental health herself. She has worked diligently to find answers for her clients and for herself. It hasn't been an easy road, but, the results are so worth it!

You can try to do the components on your own,  you've probably tried that, and it hasn't worked. 


When you are ready for help, we are here for you, we can do this together.  Imagine more energy so you can do what you love with who you love, reduce and even eliminate your pain, and improve your mental clarity so you can achieve all that you desire and be there for those who depend on you.

If you are curious to know more about these programs click a link below and watch the master class in which Pam shows you exactly what is going on that undermines your health, your recovery, contributes to disease and what you can do about it.

In Health, Pam Dobbie

What We Offer

Dobbie Wellness, PLLC is a boutique wellness group providing transformational health, mental health, wellness and Longevity consulting services and programs.  We do offer these virtual and online. 

We have focussed programs like our Resilient Health Roadmap™, Nervous, System Rescue™, The Autoimmune Rescue Plan™ and the Trauma Recovery Roadmap™ which have helped hundreds of individuals gain freedom from their health and mental health struggles, overcome the fear, isolation and pain of trauma, anxiety and depression, improve confidence at work at play, enjoy fulfilling loving relationships and achieve and maintain vibrant health.


Pam Dobbie brings over 20 years of expertise in the mental health and functional health field to the development and facilitation of these programs. She has helped hundreds of men and women overcome trauma, addiction, chronic pain, chronic illness and find freedom from shame and self doubt, and to enjoy confidence, peace, fulfilling relationships, joy and vibrant health.

We care deeply about supporting you as you navigate life's challenges, overcome health and mental health concerns and create a life you are excited about living. Our programs and services are available remotely in the US and internationally. Our counseling specific services are available in Texas, Florida and New Mexico.

Ready to Start Your Healing Journey?

Individual 1-1

Functional Health Assessments
Health & Longevity Screening & Services
Somatic Therapy
Career Advancement Coaching

Resilient Life Wellness Academy

Programs and Groups
Resilient Health Roadmap™(Program)
Trauma Recovery Roadmap™(Program)
The Nervous System Rescue™(Group)
Autoimmune Rescue Plan™(Program)
Breaking Up With The Bottle (Program)


Consulting Services

Customized Wellness
and Personal Development Programs

to Support Your Employees & Teams

Meet Pam Dobbie

pam artic.JPG

Somatic Therapist
Nervous System Whisperer
Wellness & Longevity Practitione

Proud Aunt, Fly Fisher, Photographer, Traveler, Foodie

Hi and welcome!

I am passionate about the healing process. As a support, I will bring compassion and heart to our interactions and support you in your journey to feeling better. We will look for the root cause and make a plan to effect change. Step by step, I will help you move through this season and past this challenge.

I firmly believe that the most important part of the healing process comes from the the Therapeutic Relationship. Finding someone with knowledge and skills is the easy part. Finding someone you feel comfortable with, can be more of a challenge.  I strive to hold a compassionate, supportive space for my clients. We will only know how we fit if we meet. So let's connect!

For the past 20 years I have studied (obsessively) in the areas of Mental Health, Trauma, Addiction, Chronic pain, Chronic illness and delved deeply into Mind Body Medicine, Functional Medicine, and the exciting world of Epigenetics and Biohacking which ignited my interest in longevity and age reversal.   


I have learned that there is a root cause for every problem. My extensive training is driven by a desire to be as helpful as possible and assist my clients to heal.  I utilize Counseling, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, Breathwork, Functional Health Diagnostics, Nutrition and Lifestyle to support the healing process and help stall the aging process.


I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and additional training including: Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine),  EMDR, Functional Medicine Diagnostics (Dan Kalish, Functional Medicine University), Longevity, Nutrition, Genetics, MTHFR/COMT, Mold Illness and toxicity, Neurofeedback, Spirituality, Reiki, Energy work and Breathwork.

From Our Founder
Pamela Dobbie 

Untitled design(13)_edited.jpg

After 20 years in the Health and Mental Health field, I seem to grow more passionate about the healing process every day.  


Finding the root cause for my clients is my biggest passion. When we find this and address it my clients feel better. They have less depression and anxiety and enjoy more energy, happiness, fulfillment and joy.

Growing frustrations with failed treatment drove me to begin to look for a different way to help my clients. I studied and trained with experts in many therapy and health modalities to find out the "why" of symptoms like anxiety, depression, exhaustion, trauma symptoms like nervous system dysregulation, chronic pain,  difficulty feeling comfortable in relationships, difficulty speaking up at work or in meetings. I discovered that there was indeed a root cause and something getting in the way of healing. Through a lot of trial and error I learned how to find and then address the needs of the root cause which provided a way to help heal symptoms rather than put a bandaid on them.

I incorporate somatic work, therapy, lifestyle, testing and nutrition into comprehensive programs to help my clients overcome depression, anxiety, relationship insecurity, trauma, fatigue and pain. Clients feel more comfortable in their lives, more self confident, joy-filled and free.

You will experience compassion and heart in our interactions as you are supported you on your journey to feeling better. Step by step, you will move through this season and past this challenge.

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