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The Resilience Roadmap™

Discover The Unique 3 Step System

Helping Women and Men

Live a Long, Vibrant, Healthy, Confident, Connected Life

Without Restrictive Diets, More Little Bottles or Useless Talk Therapy

Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to

Increase Energy, Fortify Resilience, Improve Health, Prevent Rapid Aging

and Be Free From the Hidden Cause of Declining Health, Aging, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Unfulfilling Relationships and Lack of Confidence

Leverage The Best In 

Epigenetics, Mind-Body Medicine, and Technology 

Achieve, Up-level and Maintain
Vibrant Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Increase Resilience and Longevity

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Presented by Pamela Dobbie
Founder & CEO at Dobbie Wellness

About Your Host

Training aside Pam is service centered and available to truly understand your problems. Her focus is to come up with customized life changing solutions.

What would it be like to have someone who is focused on helping you inject some powerful lifestyle strategies into your life to boost energy, up-level your health and help you feel more secure confident and connected at work and in your relationships.

Pam is connected to a community of the top doctors, health experts and cutting edge health solutions around the world. She is obsessed with Longevity and helping her clients improve all areas of their lives so they can truly excel.

As for Education: Pam has an advanced degree in Mental Health, certifications and advanced training in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Mind Body Medicine, Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching.


Specialization: Longevity,Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Mental Health & Trauma.


Accomplishments: Successfully helped hundreds of clients with chronic health and mental health conditions through personalized, holistic treatment plans, resulting in improved quality of life and overall well-being.

Cool personal facts: Overcame her own health struggles by implementing the same Functional Mind-Body Medicine principles she now teaches. She regularly participate in health and wellness seminars and conferences to expand her knowledge and inspire others.

In This Webinar We Will Cover

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