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Psychophysiological Pain Disorder
(PPD - Mind Body Disorder - TMS)
Chronic Pain

Psychophysiologic Disorder (aka PPD or Mind Body Disorder) is the term used to describe symptomology of persistent pain and other physical symptoms which research has shown to be a result of repressed emotions, trauma and stress, when structural and other diagnosis is not found. Chronic pain and other chronic conditions that cannot be attributed to a particular diagnosis are treated with the PPD protocols developed by a number of physicians and practitioners immersed in the science of psychological impacts on the body. This modality has proven to help many many individuals for whom standard medical treatments and pain reducing treatments have proven ineffective.


If you are dealing with a chronic condition that seems to ebb and flow, change or move and have had no significant improvement, consider working with me in a PPD model

Psychophysiologic Disorder (aka PPD or Mind Body Disorder/TMS): Service
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