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Concierge Counseling & Wellness

Concierge Counseling & Wellness Services grew out of a need

for clients to have more time with their therapists and practitioners

and for therapists and practitioners to have more time to truly get to know their clients.


The model allows providers the time necessary to capture a client’s complete story, get to know the client’s unique history, and treat the whole person rather than just the acute symptoms. With our programs, we can help clients on a more personal level. We provide counseling, coaching, support and guidance as well as Nutritional Counseling and Functional Nutrition coaching to identify and address underlying causes of mental health issues, overwhelm and symptoms.

We can provide Concierge Counseling & Wellness Services in addition to your routine mental health appointments or entirely as a stand alone service. Due to guidelines from insurance companies, we have limits with the amount of time that we can work with you and what can be billed to your health insurance plan. With our Full Concierge Counseling & Wellness Program, we do not bill insurance, the service is fully private pay. With this program there may be an option in which we provide a superbill that you can submit as an out of network expense to your insurance company. With this model, your provider can offer additional support prorated in 15 MIN increments. If you could benefit from financial assistance, please discuss your needs directly with your provider. They can help determine sliding scale options to best support you. These services will be invoiced to your attention and payment will be collected either prior to or at the time of service.

It is possible to encounter scheduling complications with additional services, therefore it is important to communicate preferred days/times with your provider well in advance and if possible, plan for a regularly scheduled time.

We recognize the benefits of rapid response and easier access to your provider and we also understand that this may provide less opportunity for you to develop distress tolerance. While reaching out for services is helpful and can improve the progress of treatment, it must also be balanced with internal resiliency which is an inherent aspect of the Concierge Counseling & Wellness process and program. Your provider will support you to find the best balance for your custom needs and care.

Benefits of the Concierge Model

More Access to Your Provider

Direct texting, calls and emails with your provider, even outside of regular office hours. Need to work through an issue or get a little support on a weekend? Concierge Counseling and Wellness offers you expanded hours and communication.

More Control
More Time to Focus on Your Needs and Your Progress in your Time.

You and your provider are not bound by the constraints of the insurance parameters of working together. You can be seen as often as you need and for as long as you need with session times better suited to your needs. 15 minute checkins, 1:45 minute sessions. You and your provider get to determine the time frame and process.

More Fluidity and Flexibility to Best Help & Support You

Working through something that needs more than a 50 minute session? Feeling like you might like a weekend check in, its all possible with the Concierge model.

Are you ready for the
Concierge Counseling & Wellness experience?

As we provide an extended and personal service we limit the number of Concierge Counseling & Wellness clients we support. Immediate start times may not be available. To secure a place sign up now to be added to the interest list or register for the intake process to get started with our next opening opportunity.

Our Wellness Membership platform is available for anyone to help support them on a daily basis. We offer courses, meditations, live events and resources in our subscription based membership. sign up for a free 7 day trial and check us out. You will have access to community only offerings, groups, live and recorded.

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